IMAGINE THE DAY when 700,000 ITI technicians graduating from 5000 ITIs can manufacture products that are absolutely the BEST IN THE WORLD

India will come to her full glory with excellence in technical training and improved skill levels of technicians and machinists.


How can IITians make this possible?

By harnessing their innate creativity and indomitable collective energy to revitalize ITIs

Let us all join the program to make it happen.

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July 6th, 2007: IITians for ITI which is now a PanIIT India Nation building project, was formally launched at the iit2007 conference. For a quick overview, please view the presentation that was made by the program launch team at the conference.

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Admiral R.M.Bhatia (IIT/D '67), former chairman Mazagaon Docks, has accepted the position of Program President (India). (Feb 13th, 2007)

Mr. Ray Mehra, President, PanIIT midwest chapter has accepted the position of Program President (USA).  (Feb 13th, 2007)

Prof. Alok Verma joins the Program Launch team's steering committee. (Feb 3rd, 2007)

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